Partnership between SMOB and the Municipality of Cosenza

On Monday, Dicember 2, in Cosenza at the town hall at the Palace of Bruzi was signed the pact of understanding between the project SMOB and the City of Cosenza. This partnership is extremely important, as the Municipality of Cosenza is quantitatively the most important in urban area, in which a series of buildings are concentrated public offices and shops, which attract a high level of traffic. Today's event was attended by all the proponents of the project SMOB, Carlo Giglio, Antonio Cosma, Gianluca Carrozzino and Roberto Ceravolo. For the municipality of Cosenza were present the Mayor, Mario Occhiuto, the commissioner for innovation Geppino De Rose, the Executive Maria Rosaria Mossuto, the municipality officer Leo Acre, the Commander and Deputy Commander of the municipal police, Ugo Dattis and Roberta Iazzolino.


SMOB @Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress

From November 19 to 21, 2013, in Barcelona (Spain) was held the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC 2013) at the "Gran Via Exhibition Centre" located in the Fira de Barcelona Avinguda de Joan Carles I, 64. The event focused on "Smart Cities - Change the World" has seen the creation of a level inernazionale Expo attended by large multinational companies (IBM, Abertis Telecom, Schneider Electric, Thales, Philips, etc.) along with several startups from 5 continents. During the Expo were presented a series of innovative solutions addressing different areas (Mobility, Technology and Innovation, Society and Collaborative Smart City, Energy, Governance and Economy, Sustainable built environment, resilience City & Security, Smart Spain, etc.). . Moreover, it was also organized a congress of high academic relevance within which intervened several keynote speakers such as: Kent Larson (Principal Research Scientist and Director of the Changing Places research group at the MIT Media Laboratory), Richard Florida (Professor at the University of Toronto, Senior Editor at NYU, Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management, as well as the guru of the Creative Economy, the founder of the advisory firm Creative Class Group and author of international bestsellers such as "the Rise of the Creative Class") and Amory Lovins (Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute and a consultant to the energy and innovation of 23 heads of state).


SMOB @Thematics Tables Expo 2015

On 19 November in Milan, at 17.30, in the Hall of the Palazzo Affari in Donzelli Giureconsulti of the Via dei Mercanti 2, was held on the table "Youth and Work," in the initiative promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan "Themed tables for Expo 2015". Bruno Ermolli (Table Coordinator and member of the Executive Council Chamber of Commerce of Milan) opened the works, which, in introducing the event has recalled how the Chamber of Commerce of Milan commissioned a census of start-ups in the Italian territory who have had funding from institutional investors. Then we moved to the interventions required by Cristina Tajani (Assessor for the job, Economic Development, University and Research of the Municipality of Milan), which emphasized the interest of the Municipality in relation to innovative projects in operation and Expo 2015 and Andrea Rangone (Start-up Digital Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy Start-up).


SMOB @Winlog2013

SMOB The project was presented at the International Workshop on Innovation for Logistics (Winlog2013) held at the Hotel La Principessa Campora San Giovanni (CS) from the 14th to 15th of November 2013. As part of the workshop, organized by the Innovation Center for Transport, Logistics and Transformation (Innovation Pole for Transport Logistics and Transformation), were presented numerous academic works and interesting project proposals aimed at encouraging innovation processes and growth in the field of transport, logistics and transformation. It was an opportunity to develop a network of contacts with other initiatives SMOB potentially be integrated with, for example, with the project HABITAT focused on intermodal transport systems which combine well with the guiding principles behind the project SMOB.


SMOB Youtube Channel

The youtube channel of the SMOB Project is officially online, direct link: SocialMobility