SMOB @Winlog2013

SMOB The project was presented at the International Workshop on Innovation for Logistics (Winlog2013) held at the Hotel La Principessa Campora San Giovanni (CS) from the 14th to 15th of November 2013. As part of the workshop, organized by the Innovation Center for Transport, Logistics and Transformation (Innovation Pole for Transport Logistics and Transformation), were presented numerous academic works and interesting project proposals aimed at encouraging innovation processes and growth in the field of transport, logistics and transformation. It was an opportunity to develop a network of contacts with other initiatives SMOB potentially be integrated with, for example, with the project HABITAT focused on intermodal transport systems which combine well with the guiding principles behind the project SMOB.

On November 15th Gianluca Carrozzino and Carlo Giglio have explained the project to the participants at the exhibition stand. In addition, in the session "New Project Opportunities: Projects Experiences", Carlo Giglio presented the project to an audience of entrepreneurs, academics and experts in the field. During the speech, the project has attracted the interest of those present, who have asked to know in detail what were the technological partners of the project (University of Calabria, and Platonet Pegasoft srl srl) and the nature of feedback received from the partner institutional (Montalto Uffugo). After detailed economic performance, the environmental and social of the project in the urban area concerned, the present agreed on the high probability about  chances of the adoption of the solution to scheme by the institutional partners, as well as the scalability of the system on any local context.