SMOB @Thematics Tables Expo 2015

On 19 November in Milan, at 17.30, in the Hall of the Palazzo Affari in Donzelli Giureconsulti of the Via dei Mercanti 2, was held on the table "Youth and Work," in the initiative promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan "Themed tables for Expo 2015". Bruno Ermolli (Table Coordinator and member of the Executive Council Chamber of Commerce of Milan) opened the works, which, in introducing the event has recalled how the Chamber of Commerce of Milan commissioned a census of start-ups in the Italian territory who have had funding from institutional investors. Then we moved to the interventions required by Cristina Tajani (Assessor for the job, Economic Development, University and Research of the Municipality of Milan), which emphasized the interest of the Municipality in relation to innovative projects in operation and Expo 2015 and Andrea Rangone (Start-up Digital Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy Start-up).

After that, there were interventions taken by Piero Galli (General Division Manager Event Expo 2015), Melchior Drogo (Communications Manager Fiat) and Salvatore Barone (Head of Regional Coordination products and Milan Province, Banca Intesa San Paolo).

The work continued with updates on the projects presented in Table Theme of June. After that, the discussion passed to the presentation of 50 innovative project ideas, in 5 areas that can take advantage of the opportunities provided by Expo 2015: tourism, culture and communication, health and the third sector, energy and environment, trade. Among them was also the Project SMOB (inserted in the third sector), represented by Antonio Cosma, who has focused his intervention, in line with the theme of the work on policies to reduce CO2 thanks to the services of car pooling and consequent certification of emissions saved. It was proposed by Alderman Tajani cooperate together for a free trial of SMOB for Expo 2015. The project was concluded by reiterating the fundamental role of the Ministry of Education, whom through PONREC is co-financing the project proposal.

A very profitable day for the Project SMOB, the unique calabrian project, which officially became part of the circuit of the "Thematic Tables for Expo 2015" thus receiving the invitation to the next event, earning the right to be able to use the logo Theme of the tables in any communicative activity and/or advertising.

Given the great interest, was used as an additional ad hoc hall of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan to accommodate the many people received the event and for the duration of the table it was possible to follow the presentations both streaming on twitter through the 'hashtag # tavoliexpo, thus having the opportunity to interact dynamically with the protagonists of the table.