WP3 Starts

The day of 01/12/2012 were started the activities of the third workpackage in the context of which will be designed and implemented the motor vehicle pooling logistics platform. In particular, the activities to be implemented are:

  • A3.1 Logical design and architecture definition of the subsystem
  • A3.2 Analysis of the literature for the definition of optimization techniques for the vehicle routing and assignment problems
  • A3.3 Definition of optimization techniques to dynamically generate routes with time windows constraints
  • A3.4 Definition of optimization techniques for the assignment of more than one passenger in the event of requests and / or multiple offers
  • A3.5 Implementation and validation of the generation module routes
  • A3.6 Implementation and validation of the module assignment of passengers
  • A3.7 Implementation of geographic maps in shape file format
  • A3.8 Integration and customization of the map with the server engine optimization logistics

After completion of these activities will be available on sub-system optimization project logistics.

An E-Business lecture

At the University of Calabria, on 08/12/2012, Eng. Antonio Cosma and Dr. Roberto Ceravolo presented the project SMOB to the students following the course of "Ebusiness and Enterprises Network" of the Master of Science in Management Engineering. The presentation outlined the entire project proposal starting looking regulatory ending in deepening the aspects related to innovative features of the platform. It was later given the opportunity to speak to the graduates, who promptly presented their questions to the designers, both on the innovative aspects of the future platform is the likely positive social impact that it would dall'utliizzo.


Presentation and partnership signing between SMOB Project and the town of Montalto Uffugo

On the 11/10/2012, at the conference hall of the Municipality of Montalto was signed the partnership between the project SMOB and the Municipality of Montalto. A partnership of strategic importance, as it municipality is adjacent to the urban area of interest of the project.


Project Kick-off! SMOB starts up

On 01/09/2012, has been initiated the project activities with the launch of the first work package (WP). In particular, the activities to be carried out in this WP are:

  • A1.1 Logical design and definition of the architecture of the platform
  • A1.2 Definition of the functional requirements of the platform
  • A1.3 Definition of the lay-out of the interfaces

This first activity (the A1.1) will be of strategic importance as it will lay the foundations of the entire project and also will direct the next WP to be implemented under the project.

Awarded at the MIUR!

With great satisfaction, the team of the proposers announces that on 07.06.2012, has been awarded by the Minister Profumo, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Research and Education, its project proposal, called "SMOB - Social Mobility", about Social Innovation invitation.