Partnership between SMOB and the Municipality of Cosenza

On Monday, Dicember 2, in Cosenza at the town hall at the Palace of Bruzi was signed the pact of understanding between the project SMOB and the City of Cosenza. This partnership is extremely important, as the Municipality of Cosenza is quantitatively the most important in urban area, in which a series of buildings are concentrated public offices and shops, which attract a high level of traffic. Today's event was attended by all the proponents of the project SMOB, Carlo Giglio, Antonio Cosma, Gianluca Carrozzino and Roberto Ceravolo. For the municipality of Cosenza were present the Mayor, Mario Occhiuto, the commissioner for innovation Geppino De Rose, the Executive Maria Rosaria Mossuto, the municipality officer Leo Acre, the Commander and Deputy Commander of the municipal police, Ugo Dattis and Roberta Iazzolino.

It has opened the meeting Councillor De Rose, who reiterated that the project SMOB turns out to be fully coniugabile with parallel projects in the field of smart cities that is sponsoring by town of of Cosenza, also illustrating to the public the advantages of using carpooling systems. Subsequently Antonio Cosma, explained in detail the project proposal, emphasizing industrial research which is based on the innovativeness of the project. The commander of the municipal police, sequentially, has given his willingness to work together to create an incentive system that allows to transform the virtual credits to users SMOB in hours of free parking. It has ultimately concluded, by the mayor Occhiuto, who has specified how the project is relevant and SMOB fully consistent with the other activities of the Municipality intended to apply the model of smart cities in the urban context. The event was then concluded with the signing of the protocol by the mayor Occhiuto, who then officially launched this successful partnership.