Project SMOB @ Kublai in Campo (On Field)

On the 06/03/2013 at the "Technest" incubator of the University of Calabria the engineers Cosma and Carrozzino presented the project SMOB. The event was organized under the Kublai program of the Department for Development and Economic Cohesion (DPS) of the MISE and saw the participation of several projects funded by the NOP Social Innovation R & C. Kublai The program is geared to support the development of ideas and projects with a clear territorial impact and strong elements of innovation and creativity, promoted by students, undergraduates, graduates and others, including through the facilities of 

The event was divided into two phases: a workshop with the presentation of Kublai, opportunities for assistance and funding, and for existing projects, a barcamp in the afternoon, dedicated to the presentation and discussion of new ideas. Each project was outlined in a pitch and was subsequently developed through a special space dedicated to the discussion of the issues considered critical by experts from various fields.