The PON R&C meets the MIUR projects

It was concluded today July 16 event held at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome, "The PON R&C meets the MIUR projects". Good news from the technical board of the Project SMOB.

There was the opportunity to see for themselves the progress of technical and financial project together with the so-called "controllers": from one side, the Scientific Technical Expert (ETS) prof. Alberto De Marco, Researcher (ING/IND17 field) at the Polytechnic of Turin and the other Dr. Luciano Lucchetti manager of the Control Level I (UCAT) Ministry of Education. Everything under the "mediation" of Dr. Genovina Delli Carpini, the Project Officer so designated, the figure of coordination so desired by the MA dr. Fabrizio Cobis.

The photos of the event are aviable in the multimedia section.