SMOB @Smart City Exhibition - Bologna

On 16 October 2013 from 14.00 to 15.45, in Bologna, within BolognaFiere during the Smart City Exhibition, will host the conference called "Mobility 2020 which scenarios? Data streams can affect the choices of citizens and administrations. "The conference will tackle issues related to smart mobility, info-mobility, increased sustainability and efficiency in urban freight distribution.

Speakers include:


Emanuela DonettiBiografia
Urbano Creativo Ltd.


Federico CassaniBiografia
Expert in urban planning and transport (MIC Mobility in Chain)


Elevator Pitch - Smart Mobility Projects

Antonio Cosma - Project SMOB Social Mobility
Manuela Tufo - S2 Project Move

The cities

Jérémie Fulconis
Ingénieur au sein de la Direction du Développement Economique de la Métropole Nice Cote d'Azur

Andrea Colombo
Councillor for Mobility and Transport Municipality of Bologna


Gianluca Donato
Emobility team - ABB Italy

Maurizio M. Venturi
Specialist IBM Smarter Cities Italy

The experts

Lorenzo Bertuccio

Francesco Petracchini
Kyoto Club

Francesco Filippi
Professor of Transport and Director of the Centre for Transport and Logistics (CTL) La Sapienza University of Rome


D'Erasmo Angelis
Undersecretary, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport